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Chiptuning In Loulé

RSautotec is also a a specialist in Chiptuning. With a few years of experience and several trainings in this area, we offer a service with quality, knowledge and safety. RSautotec is capable of altering the horsepower and torque in turbo diesel engines, gasoline, turbo gasoline and LPG, increase power values which can range from 5% to 40% depending on the car model and the characteristics of the components thereof.

With reprogramming, it is possible an engine optimization that can go through, limiting or not the top speed , improve engine response in all regimes, reduce consumption, reduce the electronic throttle in response time, increase or reduce the brake motor, etc ... There is a wide variety of choices. RSautotec maintains the security parameters and reliability of the car, without compromising the durability of the engine. Contact Us!