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RSautotec-Oficina de Automóveis, Auto Diagnostics


Electronic Diagnostics

Through a secure process of Electronic Diagnostics and Reprogramming of the ECU, RSautotec is able to change the values of power and torque in turbo diesel engines and turbo gasoline without losing the guarantee of the same.

With reprogramming it is possible an engine optimization that can go through limiting or not the tip speed, reduce fuel consumption or simply increase the engine power. There are a variety of options.

RSautotec keeps the security parameters and maximum reliability without compromising the durability of engines.

At RSautotec We have various equipment for electronic diagnosis, which allows us to find faults, erase mistakes and also serve to aid in the repair and maintenance services of the latest vehicles.

Auto Electrician

RSautotec includes in its services, any kind of auto electrical repairs.
The proper functioning of the electrical system of a car, prevents a serial failures that often are not associated to this component.

We completely follow the official recommendations of the manufacturer of your car, with all the quality assurance at a fair price.